Purposes and aims of the project                

       The main content of this long-term project is to present or rather to remind the richness of Jewish culture and especially its contribution to the heritage not only of Brno but of Moravia as a whole. The project organizers believe that the Czech republic does not fully realize the extent to which Czech culture has been influenced by the art of culturally different nations. And it is just this ignorance of such influences that could be one of the possible sources of xenophobia and shortsighted nationalism.

       That is why the goal of this project is to contribute to the education of the public at large, especially the younger generation. They have the possibility of actively participating in the preparation of the project (our collaborators include several University students). The project’s program is also designed for young people (a series of lectures organized with the cooperation of Masaryk University and other Brno universities, the projection of documentary films and concerts of current music or a theatre festival). In a time when Europe is becoming economically unified and at the same time increasingly divided by countless manifestations of aggression and intolerance, it is our opinion that it is necessary to strive to nurture conciliatory dialogue and reciprocal cultural respect.


               Value of the project, desired effect   

       The projects of the beneficial organization K2001 are consecrated to the presentation of those aspects of Czech culture, which had formerly been omitted. Without acceptance and respect for its own history, the country, in which the heritage and traditions of past generations has been too often overlooked in last decades, cannot become a fullvalue cultural society. Our organization wants to contribute, through the realization of this project, not only to the enrichment of the cultural knowledge of the younger generation and the public at large, but also to bring the Czech state closer to the ideal of an open society – the society without prejudices and stereotyped thinking.