The program to be held in the year of 2001                                 (a budget is not determined yet, changes are possible!)

 television broadcast of three shorter programmes produced by the Czech TV about the project Jewish Moravia - Jewish Brno and one one-hour documentary "Stories of Moravian Jews" (29.1.2001) which on the background of historical events depicts the fates of individual Moravian and Silesian Jews of who some did not survive, some did survive and left and some survived and stayed,

 release of the CD Prager Tandlmarkt of yiddish songs sung by Hana Frejková and Rudolf Pellar

 release of the CD Adon Olom - includes songs of the New York Cantor Joseph Malovany, accompanied by children choir Kantiléna with conductor Valerie Maťašová, and liturgical psalms of the chief Cantor in the Brno synagogue Arnošt Neufeld; the CD was recorded on the occasion of the ceremonial opening of the project at Mahenovo Theatre on December 18th, 2000 and in the synagogue in Brno,

 publishing of the second volume of an extensive specialised book Jewish Moravia -Jewish Brno about the Jewish culture in Moravia; includes articles about individual personalities of Moravian culture life (e.g. medallist Viktor Oppenheimer, architects the Oehlers, archbishop of Jewish origin Theodor Kohn, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud), overall articles about Jewish music and literature in Moravia in general, historical documents about settlement in Israel after 1948, also personal memories of Jews of Moravian origin who survived the Holocaust and want to give testimony,

 transfer of the main exhibition Jewish Moravia, Silesia - Jewish Brno to some cities in Europe, the USA and Israel, in co-operation with Czech centres, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Moravian natives living in Israel, under the auspices of Minister of Culture Mr. Pavel Dostál;
the exhibition will first go to Brussels where it will be opened in a ceremony on March 29th 2001, in presence of chief rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic Efraim Karol Sidon, president of the Jewish community in Brno Petr Weber, Czech ambassador in Brussels Ms. Kateřina Lukešová, a Czech TV crew and many other celebrities of the cultural life ,

 cycle of lectures and seminars on Judaism at Masaryk University in Brno, will last a month from April 23rd through May 20th 2001 with two lectures every week; lectures given by significant scholars and intellectuals mainly from abroad (Great Britain, the Switzerland, Israel, Austria, Poland, Slovakia),

 series of films on the respective themes, running simultaneously with the lectures in April-May, in co-operation with Embassy of Israel, Czech TV and National Film Archive,

 realisation and broadcasting of a second documentary, this time about relationship of Czech majority towards religious minority - Jews; includes a look into extremist movements and confrontation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam,

 involvement in the extensive cultural project Season 2002 which takes place in France and should present Czech culture of the 20th century; proposed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic; organised by a mixed French-Czech commission, represented on one hand by Association française d´action artistique (AFAA) attached to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and General Commissariate (KGK) on the other,

 · discussion panels on the radio Czech Radio and Radio Free Europe,

 publishing of a new book by Arnošt Lustig as a part of the proejct,

 concert of an Israeli kleizmer band,

 Autumn cycle of lectures and seminars focused on confrontation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam at Masaryk University in Brno, given by foremost scholars and intellectuals from both the Czech Republic and abroad, November 2001