The project Czech and Slovak exile of the 20th century should include
following groups that formed exile
Aristocracy (period of anti-Nazi coalition, group around Karel Schwarzenberg. etc.)
Sokol organisation (gymnastics club)
scout organisations
soldiers (eastern vs. western front line)
political representatives
artists (musicians, painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, writers)
journalists and publicists
exile governments
entrepreneurs, businessmen
political prisoners
exile intelligence agencies
deportation of Czechoslovak citizens after the WWII
Jewish emigration
exile stamps and postcards

Project's authors want to try to exhibit materials that were used by the communist propaganda for exhibitions discrediting Czechoslovak exile of so-called "state enemies".
One of the important topics will be works published by the exiles.

Because the issue of Czech and Slovak exile is very broad, project must be divided into several parts presented in the course of several years (December 2002 - beginning 2007). The main exhibition will always be focused on particular period, which are determined as following:

1. PART:  
January 2003 - March 2003
  - exile since 1900: Czechoslovak legions, T.G.Masaryk, R. Štefánik, E. Beneš, French Generals Maurice Pellé, Louis Eugene Faucher, gen. Mittelhauser, Julien Flipo, history of Czechoslovak Company Nazdar co-founded in France by the President Masaryk

- history of Czechoslovak soldier cemeteries La Targette, Neuville St. Vaast, Pas de Calais and other such cemeteries

- emigration/defection during the economy crisis - 1930's

- emigration/defection in 1936-1945

- post-war emigration/defection, Czech exile in Russia

- emigration/defection after the 1948 rise of Communism until 1950's

2. PART  
the end of 2005 - beginning 2006
  - this part will partly come back to the first period

- emigration/defection from 1955 until 1968

- emigration/defection after the Soviet occupation in 1968

- emigration/defection of the 1980's